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Above via Hot Naked Lads

The dog days of summer may be over (it certainly feels like fall up here in NYC), but that doesn’t mean we have to forget that wonderful time of year when scores of beautiful men were running around with hardly any clothes on :-)  These lads are particularly hot; so much so, they had take it all off and go for a swim!  I hope the thought of them keeps you warm all through the night.

via Bromoerotic

The rest of these images have unknown sources.

Sights like this are one of the many reasons I love summer.

This guy is gonna make sure he doesn’t have any tan lines.  Thank goodness :-D

This black beauty gave up trying to confine that thick slab of meat in his tiny little Speedo.

Someone needs to give that beautiful cock some attention!

This is one beautiful, beautiful black man.

Cut body and an uncut dick.  The only thing that would make him hotter is if he wasn’t completely shaven.

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