Text 3 Sep Male Bonding

It starts with a couple of guys hanging out, talking about sex.  One (or both) gets curious about what the other is packing below the belt, and they compare.  Soon both guys have erections that need to be dealt with.  Maybe one guy gets brave enough to reach out and touch the other.  The other guy reciprocates.  Maybe someone decides to try some oral.

Or a couple of horny dudes have an afternoon to themselves and a stash of pornography.  That start out just looking, but eventually the pressure of their cocks straining against their pants is unbearable, and out they come.

Or it could be as simple as some athletes paling around in the locker room after the big game.

Whatever the case, here’s to all the kinds of bonding that goes on between naked straight men, and the untold millions of gay fantasies it fuels.

Their faces let you know exactly how turned on they both are.  (I especially love the rope of cum caught mid-air.)

It feels different to be holding someone’s cock besides your own, doesn’t it?

Let me help you get those hard to reach areas.  (Excellent asses on both.)

Holy shit.  My girlfriend doesn’t give head *that* good!

It’s not gay if we both keep our eyes on the video.

How else would you spend a Saturday afternoon? (via Bromoerotic)

I never knew you felt the same way I do.

I think I could get used to this.  (via Hot Naked Lads)

Pure lust.  (via The Naked Daily Drool)

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