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So I am currently living with my absolute best friend in the entire world.  We’ve known each other since college, and I feel like I can tell him absolutely anything.  It’s like he’s my brother.  He is also very attractive, although at this point I’m so close to him I wouldn’t even consider a relationship with him.  Which works out rather well, since he’s *very* straight and something of a womanizer.

Anyway, this past weekend he, our other (female) roommate, and I got drunk and decided it would be a wonderful idea to play strip poker.  Well, the clothes came off and after six years of friendship I finally got my first good look at him in all his glory.  And I was more than happy with what I saw, with his nice cut cock and firm bubble butt :-)  Plus, it was nice to finally have a mental image to confirm what I had imagined for all these years.  (Hey, just because I’m not gonna date him doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what he looks like naked!)

Anyway, it inspired me to post some photos I’ve found of guys with and then without their clothes.  I mean, we all mentally undress guys we find attractive on occassion.  Why not post some photos that do the same thing?


All of the above via Nudemalez

Via Clothed-Unclothed

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