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I post hundreds of gay porn videos every day!!

We all should take such good care of ourselves.  Love his smiles at the end.

Probably something I’ve posted already, but that cumshot is just too good not to share again.

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Ejaculation and satisfaction


Ejaculation and satisfaction

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The most wonderful thing about sexual pleasure is that it can be experienced whenever, wherever, at will. Isn’t it great to have total control over what must be the most incredible joy ? Isn’t it fantastic that one simply needs to slip his hand over his cock to begin experiencing such an intense well-being ? Nature made it so easy for us to masturbate. Maybe is it because it was a matter of course that we would ?

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Anonymous said: Great blog man, do you prefer to have sex in the morning or evening or just any time you get it?

I will usually take sex any time I can get it. And while sex is certainly a nice way to start off your day, if forced to choose a preference I would probably pick sex in the evening. I’ve noticed that with me, for whatever reason my orgasms seem to be less satisfying in the morning (even if I wake up rock hard with a throbbing cock). The orgasms I have later in the afternoon and in the evening just feel stronger and more enjoyable.

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Anonymous said: do you suck cock

As often as possible!

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Anonymous said: This is hot

Glad you like it :-)

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